What is a SATU?

Sexual Assault Treatment Units (SATU) are specially designated units that provide forensic medical examinations for victims who have been raped or sexually assaulted. The examination is (currently) carried out by a medical doctor and evidence from the examination can in turn assist in the detection and /or prosecution of a case against the perpetrator of a sexual assault. (In a criminal trial the only time evidence from a forensic medical examination is not required is when the perpetrator pleads guilty to the crime.) The SATU’s can also link victims with counseling services to assist victims in overcoming their trauma. Most units also provide medical follow up in the form of morning after pill and screening / treatment for sexually transmitted infections which occur as a result of sexual assaults.

There are four SATU’s existing in four HSE regions: Eastern, South Eastern, Southern and North Western.

  • Rotunda, Dublin
    Open since 1985
  • South Infirmary/Victoria Hospital Cork
    Established in 2001
  • Waterford Regional Hospital
    Set up in 2004
  • Letterkenny General Hospital
    Established in 1998
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