What do survivors need from RCNE - Counselling

The key word associated with RCNE is SUPPORT. This comes in the form of the helpline, advocacy, information and counselling.

Survivors have quoted the following as some of the benefits they received from attending Rape Crisis North East:

"If it wasn’t for my counsellor and my time here I would still be stuck in the same victim cycle I was in before. I now have the confidence to say I am a survivor. I would like to say a further thank you to everyone I talked to on the phone before I came here, I always felt listened to and never alone. Thank you for all your help, I will always remember the kindness"

“Being able to reflect on my past, understand my present more and hope for my future has been something I will forever apply to my life no matter where it’s at! I am thankful for everything”.

“I have recovered my self-esteem, confidence and power within to begin living my life again”.

“This counselling has been the most valuable and important part of my daughter’s recovery from a sexual assault. It has helped us more than I thought possible as a family. I also have received calls weekly which have been very reassuring at times when I was struggling before the counselling started. We will be forever indebted to RCNE for their support. You are all doing this country an excellent service, and you should be so proud of the work you do. If I wrote ‘Thank You’ a million times, it wouldn’t be enough”.

“Being able to avail of a free service providing all aspects of information. Counselling and services that help those experiencing sexual violence or abuse is exceptional. Also providing a warm welcoming environment makes clients feel comfortable and at ease. Having exceptional counsellors that enable clients to cope and move forward with their lives”.

“Therapy really helped me to understand what I was feeling. I am now confidently able to express my emotions and know how to cope with them. I can strongly say that I’m a changed girl and can freely live my life the way I’m supposed to. Thank you so much for the warm environment you provided for me, and I had such a laugh here as well”.

What Survivors Found Helpful from Rape Crisis Services

 Quoted from Boarder Counties Sexual Violence Needs Analysis Project -BDNAPS

Not my fault

Gave me hope

Beginning of recovery


Helped me understand social context

Helped me to understand my feelings

Helps regain trust in myself

Saved my life when I was suicidal


Regaining my confidence

Built/rebuilt self worth

I learned coping skills

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