Rape Crisis North East would like to thank all our donors and supporters for their continued and on-going support by helping to raise much needed and crucial funds to keep our service doors open for the many clients who need our assistance.

How is Your Donation Money Spent

We ensure that your money is used to directly support the clients who attend our centre.  This includes women, men and young people from the age of 12 who have suffered as a result of being raped, sexually assaulted, child sexual abuse and sexual harassment.

Fundraising Procedures

If you would like to find out more about Fundraising Principles and Practice, download the guide here

Fundraising Account

Help us by making your donation go further

If you donate €250 (€21/month) in a calendar year, Rape Crisis North East gets €362 – at no extra cost to you! 
We can claim an extra 45% from Revenue (That’s €112). All you need to do is complete a CHY4 Form (available on request) and return it to us and we will submit it to Revenue. This refund can only be sought by registered charities).

Please support Kelley McArdle

Please support Kelley McArdle with the release of her new single ‘Shine a Light’.

Rape Crisis North East is one of Kelley’s chosen charities for donating the proceeds. An upcoming talent from the Irish Music Scene and a former Voice of Ireland contestant.

Fundraise for Us

Why not organise your own fundraising event to help raise money for the counselling & support services of Rape Crisis North East.
The event could be a coffee morning, come dine with me evening event, denim day, sports event, cake sale, a fundraising ball. The list is endless.
If you are considering organising an event, please contact us and we can provide you with posters, t-shirts, leaflets and any other material to help promote it locally. If you would like to raise money for our centre, but can’t think of what to do, then take a look at this link, there are lots of ideas that will inspire you!

Leave a Legacy

Leaving a charitable gift in your will is a special and personal way to make a difference to survivors of sexual violence beyond your lifetime. Should you choose to remember Rape Crisis North East through your will it is sincerely appreciated. Thank you for considering our centre.

Donate to Rape Crisis North East

We need your help to keep our organisation healthy to keep our front-line services in operation.
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