Rape Crisis North East provides an advocacy service which includes support and accompaniment through the Legal System, Garda Stations, Health Services and other agencies if required. Reporting crimes of sexual violence is very difficult and the advocacy we can provide is as a supporter.

Staff at the Centre can make referrals to or liaise with other agencies and services on behalf of clients.
Our staff and volunteers are trained with ‘La Touche and Bond’ through Rape Crisis Network Ireland.
Court Accompaniment

RCNE recognises that for survivors going through the justice system to prosecute an offender on a sexual violence charge, of a recent or historical crime can be a very difficult and emotionally wearing process. The court room can be confusing and frightening and court procedures hard to understand.

RCNE have dedicated staff and volunteers available to offer support and information to clients throughout their legal proceedings.

RCNE will arrange for the client to meet with the volunteer before court proceedings and organise for the volunteer to accompany the client throughout the trial. The volunteer is in attendance to support the client seeking our services. Although family and friends may be present, our main focus is support for the client. Appropriate referral will be available to family and friends. This service is both free and confidential.

Gardaí Accompaniment

Trained and experienced staff and volunteers are available to accompany clients when making a statement to the Gardaí. We can arrange for the client to meet with the Gardaí at their chosen location, either at our centre in Dundalk, at our services in Drogheda or Castleblayney or at the Garda Station. Support for clients goes far beyond actual accompaniment on the day. RCNE counsellors ensure that the client is as prepared as possible for the psychological impact of the event.

Rape Crisis Network Ireland accompaniment training ensures that our accompaniment staff and volunteers are fully equipped to provide support for survivors facing Garda interviews. As well as providing the best possible support for our clients, this accompaniment programme also has the positive effect of linking survivors into the wide range of other services provided for them by Rape Crisis North East, ranging from support for family and friends, legal advice where necessary, to specialised individual counselling.

Please read Guide to the Legal Process for Survivors of Sexual Violence for further information here >>


Medical Accompaniment

RCNE will provide information and support on medical issues and will accompany the client to a GP, Hospital or any other medical services for a check-up.

RCNE will organise for a volunteer from our centre or from Dublin Rape Crisis Centre to accompany you when attending a Sexual Assault Treatment Unit and explain what is involved.

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