A Maytime Serenade 2019

On Saturday the 11th of May 2019, Rape Crisis North East organised a concert known as ‘A Maytime Serenade’ at the An Tάin Arts Centre. The night was a great success and we would like to give Mr. David Martin special thanks for his participation and help in organising the event.

Furthermore, we would like to thank David as well as the other musical performers: Mr. Jackie Winkless, Ms. Niamh McCormack, Ms. Maria Mason and Ms. Jillian Saunders for their performances on the night which were exceptional and well received by the attending audience.

We would also like to thank our sponsors Dundalk Stadium, Oxy-Arc Ltd, Lallys Electrical, Anchor tours and Coffee Time, as well as those that provided our spot prizes on the night: The Carrickdale Hotel, Cabra Castle Hotel, The Glenside Hotel, Crover House Hotel and Golf Club, Castle Leslie Estate, Ghan House, The Windsor Bar and Restaurant, Fitzpatrick’s Bar and Restaurant, The Rum House, Felda Health, Fitness and Spa.

The concert could also not have been a success without the aid of The An Tάin Arts Centre for the venue, Denis Molloy who provided the catering and The Green Room Flower shop who provided the beautiful flowers on the night.

We would also like to thank the various town newspapers, online media and Dundalk FM who along with the many churches and community centres in the region helped us in the promotion of the concert.

Finally, we would like to thank all the staff from Rape Crisis North East who worked behind the scenes to make the concert a success.

Thank you to everyone.


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